Improve Skin

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  • Soften
  • Condition
  • Moisturize

Eliminate Shoe Odor

Kills 99.9% of Odor Causing Bacteria
and Fungi on Contact

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Solutions For Athletes

Fast-acting FungiFoam® relieves
itching in minutes

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Safe and Proven

Treat Athlete's Foot and Ringworm with products approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

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From Fungus to Fabulous

Keep your feet free of
fungus and looking great!

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Our Products

  • CoLig-10
    CoLig-10™ Collagen, Ligament and Tendon Support* A Natural Dietary Supplement That Nourishes Ligaments, Tendons and Tissues, and Improves Joint Health and Function What is CoLig-10™?...
  • Formula 3®
    Formula 3®Antifungal — The Preferred Effective Treatment of Athlete’s Foot and Ringworm. For over 50 years, the FDA has approved the use of tolnaftate for...
  • FungiFoam®
    FungiFoam® — One Product with the Power of Four. Relieve Athlete’s Foot and Ringworm with ONE single medication that replaces FOUR separate products! Only FungiFoam®...
  • Clean Sweep®
    Clean Sweep® Antimicrobial Shoe Shield® Eliminates 99.9% of Odor-Causing Bacteria and Fungus On Contact Use Clean Sweep® daily for a safe, all natural, way to...
  • Kamea® 20
    Kamea® 20 Improves the Appearance of Dry, Rough, and Callused Skin. Kamea® 20 contains ingredients that will rehydrate, moisturize, and condition your skin. Dry skin...
  • Kamea® G
    Kamea® G is an effective keratolytic for the debridement of hyperkeratotic skin conditions Clinically proven alpha hydroxy acid technology applied to foot and ankle medicine....
  • NeuRemedy®
    NeuRemedy® for the healthy function of the nerves in the feet and legs* What is NeuRemedy® and how does it work? Adequate blood levels of...

About Us

Tetra’s Mission Statement

Providing Safe and Effective Treatments, Dispensed Exclusively through Physicians, Adding Value to Their Practice, On an Unconditional, Risk-Free Basis.

We invented oil-soluble tolnaftate

Tetra’s core technology is the process to make the drug tolnaftate soluble in oil – an invention of our founder, Paul J. DiMeglio Ph.D. (h.c). Dr. DiMeglio was granted U.S. Patent # 4,810,498, which was issued on March 7, 1989, and reissued on July 13, 1999.

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APMAFormula 3®, FungiFoam® and Clean Sweep® are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association